Stop the Noise & Listen to Me

As I wait for the final edit approvals for my book The Moment of Goof – Customer Service in the Digital Age, it dawned on me that in the end what customers everywhere were really saying was “Listen to Me.”

“Stop the Noise.  Turn off the servers.  Forget the iPhones.  Hold that Tweet. Never mind it’s your lunch hour.  Later for the gossip…”

A customer is not part of an amorphous mob (like jellyfish) without definite character or shape.

A customer is not a data stat in a marketing plan (like one of ethnic minority).

A customer is not a number of ____(fill in the blank) served.

A customer is not a receptacle of products sold.

We are in the age of High tech/High touch. As I recall Dr. Naisbitt in Megatrends  coined this phrase.  It has always stuck with me as we continue a march to the Age of the Jetsons. We are plugged in socially, we are tech-driven at work, we read FastCompany and Wired to keep pace with tech changes. Our cloths are wired. Plastic has replaced cash. For $300,000 you can buy a car that morphs into a plane — and vice versa.

Yet, when it comes to service needs or service problems, we morph into single individuals, each with our own story, our own views, our own values.  Whether I am contacting you and your company on line, on the phone, in person, I want a one-on-one experience.  I am as unique as you are.  Let’s work together could be our mantra.

For my final chapter I stumbled on a wonderful story – that began with Deep Listening — and morphed into new ideas and methods to make a difference then, and continues to make a difference to unique health scenarios and settings.     Here is that story IMAGINE A HEALTHIER WORLD

About mcgntr

About Ann I was lucky and grew up in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts surrounded by the arts, industry, literature, and family. I had a great education-- undergraduate work at Caldwell College and my masters at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I began business life as Training Assistant. Returning east, I continued in the training profession, and ‘fell’ into Human Resources - first, Recruiting and Employment, Director of Human Resources and finally Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Training. I bowed out of the corporate world with the white collar layoffs in early ‘90s – and started a new venture McGill Enterprises: HelpQuick Human Resources Advisory & Training Services. I have enjoyed great opportunities - publishing 3 training books, mentoring HR professionals, creating a wide variety of training programs, writing scripts, and becoming an adjunct professor.
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