Announcing The Moment of Goof — in print

The Moment of Goof – Customer Service in the Digital Age has arrived in print!  Improving customer service is on everyone’s mind.  AND, my little book will help readers jump start conversations on creating stellar customer service experiences in the Digital Age.  Readers will explore customer behavior and expectations, redesign their service systems, transform employee attitudes and  management energies,  re-imagine customers’ needs in the Digital Age.

The Moment of Goof?  If you’re a service person and get it wrong at your point in the customer’s chain of experience, you are not just erasing from the customer’s mind all the memories of the good treatment, you are blasting all those good experiences to infinity and beyond!  Service faux pas, complaints and outrages posted on the ‘Net are just too easily shared.

So, here’s my offer for my followers (and their friends) who wish to purchase the book – a thank you discount.  You may buy the book/ebook at:   Use the discount code: DCEQBTRE for your $1 discount.

About mcgntr

About Ann I was lucky and grew up in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts surrounded by the arts, industry, literature, and family. I had a great education-- undergraduate work at Caldwell College and my masters at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I began business life as Training Assistant. Returning east, I continued in the training profession, and ‘fell’ into Human Resources - first, Recruiting and Employment, Director of Human Resources and finally Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Training. I bowed out of the corporate world with the white collar layoffs in early ‘90s – and started a new venture McGill Enterprises: HelpQuick Human Resources Advisory & Training Services. I have enjoyed great opportunities - publishing 3 training books, mentoring HR professionals, creating a wide variety of training programs, writing scripts, and becoming an adjunct professor.
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