Moving Experiences

Falling into the land of “where’d I put that”  is the normal result of moving – whether 180 miles away or 18 miles down the road.  Now that the boxes are gone, books shelved, and kitchen somewhat in order, it’s time to get blogging!

“Where’d I put that…”  While packing, I mentally was arguing and debating ideas with several columnists.  Unpacked…columnists and ideas have vanished.  I am sure that those blogs would have been brilliant!

“So that’s where I filed that…” Delighted, I rediscovered Sally Merlin’s  brief essay, Collaboration from the 2003 Script magazine.  She contrasts the 2 definitions – working with others and working with the enemy– and concludes that working with the enemy (i.e., directors, actors, producers, etc) does produce value.  Keeping her scripts live – rather than hidden in a drawer.  Prompts me to think more about collaboration….

“What was I thinking…”  I opened an interesting fragment — a blog idea that I had started before packing my life in boxes to move.   Title: What if going to work was like going to the gym?  Copy to date:
Gym warm up
Before you begin rigorous workouts on the machines, you stretch.  Loosen up those muscles. Twist and turn to prevent cramping up.  Shake your head and get the kinks out of your neck. Get physically and mentally ready to work out.  Once you start a class with others to music – the rhythm moves you – you feel good about what you are doing – and work it.  Or maybe you like the machines – set up and start your paces.  Running and reading.  Weights pull testing your strength and stamina. Then the cool down – to stretch and reduce heart elevations.  Return body temperature.

Work warm up
Does your day begin with a  physical routine? – plunking your cuppa on the desk, starting the computer, gathering papers from drawers, checking files, pulling out trays and tills, running combinations. Your  routine may be soothing but is it a real warm up?  How about emotional and intellectual upheavals you may face today?  Your  cuppa may actually dull your senses rather than pep them up.  How about those complaints waiting in the inbox?  Has the cuppa prepared you  mentally, physically or psychically for the day?

The Workout…..

And that is as far as I got.   I can clearly remember walking  in bright sunshine – thinking through the entire idea….but now in re-read — I can only wonder.  What else had I intended to say?

About mcgntr

About Ann I was lucky and grew up in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts surrounded by the arts, industry, literature, and family. I had a great education-- undergraduate work at Caldwell College and my masters at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I began business life as Training Assistant. Returning east, I continued in the training profession, and ‘fell’ into Human Resources - first, Recruiting and Employment, Director of Human Resources and finally Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Training. I bowed out of the corporate world with the white collar layoffs in early ‘90s – and started a new venture McGill Enterprises: HelpQuick Human Resources Advisory & Training Services. I have enjoyed great opportunities - publishing 3 training books, mentoring HR professionals, creating a wide variety of training programs, writing scripts, and becoming an adjunct professor.
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