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About Ann I was lucky and grew up in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts surrounded by the arts, industry, literature, and family. I had a great education-- undergraduate work at Caldwell College and my masters at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I began business life as Training Assistant. Returning east, I continued in the training profession, and ‘fell’ into Human Resources - first, Recruiting and Employment, Director of Human Resources and finally Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Training. I bowed out of the corporate world with the white collar layoffs in early ‘90s – and started a new venture McGill Enterprises: HelpQuick Human Resources Advisory & Training Services. I have enjoyed great opportunities - publishing 3 training books, mentoring HR professionals, creating a wide variety of training programs, writing scripts, and becoming an adjunct professor.

November Memorials – Researching The Shrapnel Story

Each name on a War Memorial has a life story. Before I joined NanoWrimo, I had written many stories. Here is my story of  how I wrote Shrapnel – a  November story – a Memorial Story for my family to … Continue reading

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November – Month for Writing and for Remembering

IT’S  NOVEMBER:  NanoWrimo sparks over 300,000 writers to start their new novels.  War Veterans gather at cemeteries and memorials to remember past sacrifices.  Both seek to engage us in stories that matter.  I paired these two groups and their twined … Continue reading

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Novel Writing Month is Here — AGAIN!

It’s November – and it’s National Novel Writing Month!   Again! I’m joining the 300,000+ writers in writing my novel.  This is my third year participating in this venture. Besides having fun and writing 45,000 words last year,  I renewed my … Continue reading

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The In-Person Experience

I love Bruce Tempkin’s post today commenting on his in-person concert experience with his daughter.  He relates this experience to his passion – creating the customer experience. It reminded me of my daughter making plans to visit her uncle … Continue reading

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Oh those First Impressions!

BUSINESS IMPRESSIONS When you attend a training conference, or go to a Chamber of Commerce meeting, or join a business discussion group  – you expect your colleagues to act and look “businesslike” and professional. The conference attendees may be from … Continue reading

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Tapping Employee Entrepreneurial Spirit

When we think of entrepreneurs we think of energy, drive, risk-taking. We think Success! Consider the current high school and college graduates. They believe that they can start their own businesses at any time. Many of my college students, inspired … Continue reading

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We live in a world of two truths: isolation and connection

DIGITAL  ISOLATION “The other day I passed a young woman who was texting and crying, bending intently over her phone as strangers brushed past her on the sidewalk….My normal first impulse – and, I think, most people, even in Boston–would … Continue reading

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