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After teaching a Business Writing course, where I challenged my students to create their own business blogs,  I asked myself “What’s wrong with this picture?”  Their professor/consultant had not blog of her own  — and she had been writing all of her professional life!  It seemed reasonable that I challenge myself.  I certainly could share the many things I’d learned through creating training sessions and from consulting with a wide variety of interesting companies.   AND what I am learning from teaching this generation of students.

After all we are in the Wiki-world where all has not been imagined…looking at old problems with amended or new solutions…thinking about the pluses of this new world clanging into seemingly unchanging minuses.  What I’ve learned over the years is that change does not always come in a big rush like a hurricane wind to upend us all. Change often creeps slowly nudging us to new places, trying out new ideas and finding ideas in strange places.  Just like the scientist trying to figure out how to prevent heart pump failures in humans…he found a significant clue at the Aquarium while he was watching jellyfish.  Their natural motions mirrored what he needed to understand if he was to find answers to his questions.

The Wiki world is about making connections.   Connections that challenge, inspire, resolve and ‘make our day.’   That’s why I like writing the blog — who knows how I may connect with my readers and ‘make their day!’


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