HelpQuick – The Beginnings

In case you were wondering about HelpQuick…

My phone rang in 1985. It was my brother-in-law asking if I’d consult with one of his clients about an employee problem.  At the time I was a VP of Human Resources and Training.

He added that his client wanted to pay me for my advice.  How weird, I thought. I’d been giving HR advice for free.

Sure enough, his client, the principal of an expanding design firm insisted that I bill her after our “How can I help you come to a quick solution” conversation.  HelpQuick was born.  Happily, the design principal became one of my favorite clients, too.

This first call help me establish my Help philosophy – listen closely not only to the problem but what the person wants to accomplish – HelpQuick is not a narrow ‘instant’ solution response – it requires understanding of goals, dreams, relationships – in addition to what might be practical, humane, or reasonable answer to a specific problem.

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